Sunday, June 1, 2008

IDTExtensilibity2 Procedure to Add Menus

Hi all,

I would describe the procedures/steps that is followed when you try to add menu through IDTExtensilibity2 Interface.

Whenever office application is opened, it checks whether it can find any DLL registered for the application or not. If it finds any DLL registered, that DLL is loaded in the memory. The DLL is a kind of ADD-In, which is loaded automatically. This process of loading the DLL File, triggers five types of events.
  • On connection
  • OnStartupComplete
  • OnDisconnection
  • OnBeginShutdown
  • OnAddInsUpdate

  • To capture these events, your DLL File must implement IDTExtensibility2 Interface. This interface contains the definition of all these events. One can write the code for adding menus in onstartupcomplete method. It will force the application to add Menus after it loads the Add In.

    Hope I was able to clear the process.


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