Thursday, May 14, 2009

Office 2007 SP2 Release

Hi All,

Though the release has been done almost a month ago...I missed to include it here in my blog.

They(Microsoft) have fixed a bunch of bugs found in SP1...and I am sure, 2007 is going to be stable very very soon. This is the reason that most of big organisations, who work on Office rigorously, for example Investment banks like GS or Morgan stanley, they have been shifting their documents to 2007 versions. The office 2007 is certainly going to be much much more popular than it is right now. Lots of cool features. I love themes by the way.

So lets get back to SP2. Microsoft found so many bugs in the previous versions, which forced them to issue a very heavy service pack because the number of bugs they have fixed is huge. Around 600 they have posted here in the link :

Microsoft Office 2007 SP2 Bug Fixes.

For me, the best thing is the chart object for PowerPoint and Word is unlocked. Now you can format/edit the chart source data etc from PowerPoint only. Earlier, before SP2, for formatting a chart programmatically, one had to take the chart to excel and paste it back to PowerPoint. A big pain for me. Using OpenXML was also a big big Pain.

So now, if you have to delete a Series, you can just create the chart object and then add/delete a series. Bingo :)

I love SP2, and I am sure, it will definitely help the Office developers like me, who have to work hard with Charts in PP/Word.

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Anjum said...

oh Great!!! so now the OpenXml solution is not required to be done....that's good... I remember what a painful process was that.

Vikas Bhandari said...

Yes, we don't require Open XML for formatting, but we still need it for one thing... we still cannot copy our chart from Excel to Word or PowerPoint unlinked without OpenXML :(

Anonymous said...

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