Friday, May 22, 2009

WPF Calendar Control

Hi All,

By default, the WPF doesn't have the calendar control. And the toolkit release, it seemeed a little way techy for me. I wanted a simple calendar control and I really couldn't work out how I can use only a single control in my project. I thought, it would be easier for me to create a control of my own. hehe, well said by some one :

"Less Knowledge, less confusion, and No knowledge, no confusion. "

Haha...So I designed something like following image:

I have used Listview to display the dates and the items, like "Sun", "Mon" and the days are nothing but listview items. As soon as user changes the year or month, the method to reload the dates is fired. Very simple approach and very very basic functionality I have tried to put into. So if you want to download the project, then please click Here


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any news coming ?